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The aim is to point out interesting aspects of sports statistics known as “streaks”. Why? The answer is clear – we love handy sports stats that we find relevant for potential gain. Our job is to provide easy-to-use and comprehensive click & see stats; yours is to decide.

Let’s start with an explanation of what a “streak” means to us at Streakon. Wikipedia defines a “winning streak” as an uninterrupted sequence of success in games or competitions, commonly measured by wins uninterrupted by losses or ties/draws. In sports, it can apply to teams and individuals. A losing streak is the same, but games are uninterrupted by draws or wins. 

At Streakon, you can find easy-to-use filters providing an immediate response with a clear and color-coded answer. Do you want to find out Arsenal’s “away 2nd-half loss” streak? Or would you be interested in how many away games they have not conceded 2 and more goals? We have it all!

So, what makes Streakon worth it? Streakon searches the top leagues’ databases to identify a USEFUL STREAK. What is the difference? Let us demonstrate with examples.

Bayern Munich has played 10 home games without a loss. Is this information valuable? No, it is not. Why? Because you have no idea whether this streak is normal, poor or exclusive.

What about if we say that Bayern’s home streak without a loss is 15 games? Or 20? Again, without context, this information is worthless. The context would tell you that Bayern lost its last home game on November 30, 2019. Up until August 8, 2021, its actual non-losing streak at home in the Bundesliga was 27.

If the total number of games played does not provide a complete picture, then what does? The team’s performance, not a comparison between the teams. You can easily find this information in the league’s result table. Information about a four-game winning streak does not have the same value when talking about top teams such as PSG, Man City, Juventus or Barcelona vs. the teams listed in the second half of the table.  These teams will fight to remain in the top division in the next season too.

Streakon only analyzes streaks that are outstanding, rare, and exceptional in the team’s recent history (actual + previous season) in the Actual streaks section.

Another thing is clear: there are many other, easier ways to benefit from sports results than choosing a winning team. Let’s have a closer look.



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