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Start to see what others can not.
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Get much more from stats
Whatever happened in the game, it’s here.
Analyze streak of games with or without win, tie, loss, scored goals, goals against, goals in game or individual player stats.
Actual streaks
Hundreds and hundreds of analyzed active streaks
You don’t need to analyze on your own. Just go to Actual streaks section and pick any of hundreds active streaks from almost all teams and all leagues.
Actual Streaks
Game Streak
Individual player stats
Who is hot and who is not?
This feature gives you immediate info about actual player’s productivity. Goals, assists, points, rebounds? Just click & see.
More than tables
5 game streak or rather 10? Or the whole season?
How many goals your team scores the most often? How many they allow? In what period of game? First half, second period, stoppage time?
Mobile friendly & dark mode
Many features also in mobile friendly design
Take your bookmarked and customized streaks wherever you go on all your mobile devices. However, the best performance is available on your computer.
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